About Alliance Select


ALLIANCE SELECT – since 2001 a trendsetter. Dublin’s most dynamic and innovative cleaning company provides outstanding service quality, reliability and exemplary customer support. Our business and client portfolio have continuously expanded to include private and public sector organisations.

Our domestic cleaning service provides Dublin-wide customer cleaning services and excellent customer support before and after our visitation. This is an essential part of our growth and market share.


Our extensive professional cleaner team is extremely proud of the CLEANERS ALLIANCE SELECT: 250 full-time and part-time cleaners currently have access. Each of our comprehensive cleaner rosters is fully insured and safe. In order to obtain information on character and experience, we requested ID proofs and proof of address. They undergo a robust program of training. All our employees share the commitment of ALLIANCE SELECT to exceed expectations and always deliver the best possible service.


In 2001 the dynamic businessman created the dynamic company CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER ALLIANCE SELECT. ALLIANCE SELECT began to recognize massive changes in British working patterns which put time and family life under pressure. A time-consuming company, both at home and at work, offered high standards of professional cleaning and customer care opportunities for a highly professional cleaning firm. ALLIANCE SELECT wisely realized that having a cleaner would be an integral part of a busy life-style rather than the preservation of the very rich.

ALLIANCE SELECT has expanded its cleaning operations since 2001, covering Greater Dublin, and has developed an ever-growing service portfolio. Based on her entrepreneurial expertise in our headquarters in Dublin, ALLIANCE SELECT is an important leader in the local community and is a continual development of the company. Jason is responsible as CEO of an ever-changing company for policy development and procedure development and the future direction of the brand ALLIANCE SELECT. She is very active in managing health & safety, occupational law and human resources in all respects.

Our opinion is that a good continuous relationship with our customers is crucial to the provision of excellent service and we have therefore committed to continuous and high-level resources to ensure that all our customer contracts meet high standards. In addition to further auditing by two levels of management, quality and performance are constantly monitored and maintained by our experienced supervisors on site.